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Museum Document Sets (Version 8.0)

USB Document Set


  • USB Flash Drive Version 8.0: $38. The full set of approximately 1700 documents on a 16GB Flash Drive.
  • Upgrade: $20. Same as the above for customers who previously bought version 4 - 7 DVDs & CDs. (Upgrade Notes)
  • Any Single CD: $10. If you need a single document, please use the list of documents to select a CD.

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COVID-19 Update: Document sets are still shipping. Some shipments may be delayed. Recently some (but not all) shipments have arrived in Europe and then taken an additional month to get to the destination. Please be patient.

For Customers in China, Japan, and Korea

Please provide your address using a Western-style alphabet.  Hanzi, Kanji, and Hangul confuse the US Postal Service.

Details and Terms

The USB Flash Drive plugs in to a USB port and contains the entire document set on a single device. This is our primary product and is fully up-to-date meaning there is no need purchase any other products to receive all the current documents.

All documentation sets contain only data - no executables - for maximum cross-platform compatibility. If you don't have an Acrobat (PDF) reader, readers for many platforms may be freely downloaded from Adobe.  Most systems already have an Acrobat reader installed.

The US Postal Service has byzantine postal rates. Depending on the postal clerk, padded envelopes may be metered in one of three rate structures, so I have set my shipping price based on a rough average of these. On rare occasions (twice that I know of), someone at the receiving Post Office (US only) has re-metered the envelop in a different rate class has charged "postage due". I'm sorry but at this time I have no solution to this. Each clerk is quite certain that they are correct.

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